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Restoring/recovering Pogoplug Pro

So I've seen the various messages that the Pogoplug Pro (POGO-P01) is no longer supported in ArchLinux (at least with the newer builds).  Unfortunately I hadn't know about it until I ran an update to bring the code up to date, after which the unit would no longer boot.  So I set it aside for a few months (or more) until I could decide what to do with it.
At this point, I'd like to revert it to function as a NAS-like USB host (something similar to it's original purpose, but only for my home network, and *not* relying on the outside/cloud server do manage file sharing), or alternatively setting it up as a "jumpbox" SSH gateway for connecting to my home network remotely.  For the second purpose I would need some "wake-on-LAN" utility for starting my other machines in my home network (the purpose of the jumpbox being I could leave them off when I wasn't using them).
I've seen various scripts/walkthroughs, I'm not sure what applies here.


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Re: Restoring/recovering Pogoplug Pro

You're in the wrong place - try here instead.


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