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Synchronise 3 computers / distributed file system

I'm looking for something to seamlessly synchronise my files between 3 hosts of mine.

Requirements: Must have:
- support big files (e.g. an ubuntu virtual machine that I occasionally use)
- syncing happens under the hood, e.g. like dropbox or any distributed file system
- performance: low delay to access ~/doc or ~/virtual_machines, high delay allowed for other things like e.g. ~/video

Requirements: Nice to have:
- use part of the file tree in disconnected/offline mode (like coda): e.g. I'm on my laptop, I have no network, I can still access everything under my ~/doc folder. Once I reconnect, the changes made while offline are synchronised.

I'm currently using unison, but I'd like to get rid of:
- "I forgot to synchronise before leaving home"
- Manually having to tell unison "yes, that's fine, just sync it"
- "I forgot syncing was going to take longer this time because of the videos I added, hurry up I got to catch the train!"

I tried hackishly using glusterfs, but its max client cache size was too small for my purpose. I tried coda, which fit really well, but is a poorly documented, and doesn't support big files (its max size is 2GB). I looked into ownCloud, but it's said to be slow for big files; because it apparently uses WebDAV.

My current idea is to write a basic daemon that responds to inotify events with rsync commands to one of my hosts that acts as server, for ~/doc and ~/virtual_machines. + nfs or sshfs to access ~/video and such (+ plexx for streaming of ~/video probably).

Does anyone know any software that already does what I'm looking for, or a better solution?


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Re: Synchronise 3 computers / distributed file system

Was mentioned somewhere on this forum. Never used it, though


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