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Managing dotfiles across environments/machines?

Hey guys,

Like many others here, I like the idea of keeping my user specific configuration files inside of a repository. I've seen many different implementations of this, the most common being to clone the repository into something like ~/.dotfiles and then using a included script to symlink the files. I'm lucky enough to have been able to move all of my dotfiles into the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, so I have no need to link files other than ~/.profile and ~/.bashrc. You can find my dotfile repository here.

This works really well for a single system. But really only makes it useful for sharing configurations and for restoring configurations for that specific machine.

It would be great if I could also use this repository to quickly install my dotfiles on a new machine. Now obviously I can clone this repository on any other machine and things will work, but there are a few problems:

  • What happens when the dot files need to differ. For example, my sxhkd configuration has some differences on my desktop vs on my laptop.

  • A lot of the configuration files may have no relevance on the system. For example I use the xboxdrv userspace driver on my HTPC so I can use a 360 controller. But obviously I don't need this on any other machines.

I've tried using branches, but this can become hard to maintain when there are a lot of changes on a branch. My current working idea for can be found on the custom-env-dotfiles branch of my dot-config repository (check the readme)

I was curious if anyone else has thought about this and has come up with solutions? Or maybe someone has some other ideas for what I'm trying to do.

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Re: Managing dotfiles across environments/machines?

I have to set up a similar system. Did you move configs manually to your home folder, stripped off personal information and then pushed them to git?


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Re: Managing dotfiles across environments/machines?


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