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Syslinux “Missing OS” after expanding to the left the /boot

I have a GPT partitioned drive. Its a bit of a mess so I was starting to sort everything out.

/dev/sda2 is an ArchLinux install and the location of /boot with syslinux being used.

/dev/sda1 is a ubuntu install.

I plan soon to complete do away with the ubuntu partition but for now just make it smaller and the increased /dev/sda2 in size by moving the start of it up to the end of the ubuntu partition.

However now syslinux will not start and the computer just comes up with a missing os error.

Acording to gparted /dev/sda2 does still have the boot flag.

I have used a live CD to check with gparted If the partitions are still ok and everything does seem fine it just cant boot.
I am hoping someone here can guide me in getting the drive to boot again.
Thank you

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Re: Syslinux “Missing OS” after expanding to the left the /boot

Did you update :  "/boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg"

I am not familiar with syslinux but after a change of partitions / OS  you would need to let the boot loader know about it.  The Arch Wiki also has some solid information as well on the subject.

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