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Changes to

This is probably not the place to post this, but I really don't know where to post it.

I started setting up a new arch install today, and hit the wall with an annoying problem after booting into the installed system.
I have a Norwegian keyboard and on previous installations I've used the keymap, which had all the necessary norwegian special keys,
and mapped to the correct characters with respect to the physical keys. The no longer support the æøå characters.

Then someone decided that
the should change the behaviour of two keys - delete and $ (maybe more keys, I have not tested all). I'm used to that delete removes the character at the cursor, while backspace removes
the character to the left of the cursor, now both keys behave as backspace. The $-character is produced by alt-gr + 4 on norwegian keys, but this is now changed
to shift + 4. Easier you say? Well that is untill you are using another computer, and I use a number of computers during the day (some windows computers, some that I don't have admin rights etc.).
The $-character is frequently used in many programming lanugages, and this will confuse me.

Bah... Maybe I'm ranting on about something that isn't that important, but why "fix" something that ain't broken. And if one really desires some changes, do it for yourself, and
don't push it upstream. I'm a bit tired, and don't like to spend a lot of time searching for the source of an unnecessary change.

Anyways, I've changed my local back to what it should be - according to all other systems I use.
Is there a way to make sure that pacman does not update this file?


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Re: Changes to

Why not rename it to something non-standard and tell the system to use that map file? That way, if ever gets fixed up, you'll still get a copy.

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