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Delay in booting 2.6.14 on SATA laptop

This is my first post to the board so I like to say hello to the community.

I face a problem when booting my laptop with the kernel 2.6.14. During bootup the process gets to a rest for about 90 seconds. After that time, the boot process finishes successfully.

The laptop is a FujitsuSiemens Lifbebook s7020 with the follwing hardware:
Centrino "Sonoma" P760 (2 Ghz)
Intel i915 PCI Express
SXGA+ at 14" (1400x1050)
Ethernet Broadcom 1 Gb/s tigon 3
Intel Pro Wireless 2200 BG
Bluetooth / FireWire ieee 1394

messages.log (part of)
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) sym53c416.c: Version 1.0.0-ac
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) scsi: <fdomain> Detection failed (no card)
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) GDT-HA: Storage RAID Controller Driver. Version: 3.04
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) GDT-HA: Found 0 PCI Storage RAID Controllers
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) 3ware Storage Controller device driver for Linux v1.26.02.001.
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) imm: Version 2.05 (for Linux 2.4.0)
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) ipr: IBM Power RAID SCSI Device Driver version: 2.0.14 (May 2, 2005)
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) Adaptec aacraid driver (1.1-4 Nov 11 2005 19:47:11)
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) nsp32: loading...
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) PCI: Found IRQ 11 for device 0000:00:1f.2
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) PCI: Sharing IRQ 11 with 0000:00:1d.1
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) PCI: Sharing IRQ 11 with 0000:00:1f.3
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) input: PS/2 Generic Mouse on synaptics-pt/serio0

booting stops here for about 90 seconds

Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) ahci(0000:00:1f.2) AHCI 0001.0000 32 slots 4 ports 1.5 Gbps 0x5 impl SATA mode
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) ahci(0000:00:1f.2) flags: 64bit ncq pm led slum part
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) ata1: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0xF8B04500 ctl 0x0 bmdma 0x0 irq 11
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) ata2: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0xF8B04580 ctl 0x0 bmdma 0x0 irq 11
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) ata3: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0xF8B04600 ctl 0x0 bmdma 0x0 irq 11
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) ata4: SATA max UDMA/133 cmd 0xF8B04680 ctl 0x0 bmdma 0x0 irq 11
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) ata1: dev 0 ATA, max UDMA/100, 156301488 sectors: lba48
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) ata1: dev 0 configured for UDMA/100
Dec  6 16:21:22 (none) scsi0 : ahci

Although the stop occurs after the touchpad driver message, I do not know, if it is really related to that driver. Probably more related to the messages following the stop (ahci, ata, sata?). Is there a chance to overcome the delay?

Please tell me, if you need more informations than provided in that message.
Many thanks for your help.


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