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#1 2013-09-21 21:09:15

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Pipe output from Conky to XFCE genmon plugin

I want to use XFCE's genmon plugin to show Conky's terminal output. I seem to have two options:

  1. Run Conky in run-once mode, which doesn't give good readings

  2. Run Conky from a script, writing its output to a named pipe and using a separate script to read from the pipe, but the latter script kills Conky with a SIGPIPE when the read exits

So, obviously, neither of these options work. Here are my scripts:

The script to start Conky:

conky -c conkyrc > fifo

The script to read Conky's output:

read LINE < fifo
echo $LINE

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Re: Pipe output from Conky to XFCE genmon plugin

Try using while, something like:

while read LINE; do
    echo $LINE
done < fifo

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