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mp3 tag viewer with encoding/decoding purpose

I've got some idea about my mp3 collection: there is many files with cyrillic tags in different encodings, and furthermore each file may have tags in different encoding ( it is ugly mess ). So i can not use programs like EasyTag or tag2utf etc.
What i can is to print every field in every tag in every file, list it in front of my eyes, and if i catch some buggy text, select appropriate encoding for only this filed. Also i can use chardet to pre-encode stuff.
I've wrote simple script in python2 that use pyqt, tagpy and chardet. It has sortable table and editable fields and some other stuff, so you can open some files ( many many file like in my ugly collection ), unhurriedly scaning it with eyes for bugy text and correct what you find wrong.
And what is the question? Is anyone in there need it?

ps sory for my english.


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Re: mp3 tag viewer with encoding/decoding purpose

I'm sure someone would find this useful.

Community Contributions would probably be a better place to let people know about it.

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Re: mp3 tag viewer with encoding/decoding purpose

Welcome to the forums. smile For the future, you can use report to ask a moderator to move your thread. Closing this thread; please continue here.

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