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[Request] G-WAN Web Application Server

Hi to everyone:

Could anyone package this?: G-WAN Web Server big_smile

By mixing optimized a Web server, an app. server and a cache server, G-WAN allows Python to be flying near 800,000 requests per second (on a 6-Core), just like Javascript or Ruby.

This is because G-WAN's multi-threaded architecture (and optimized implementation) perform and scale much better.

G-WAN's lowest, PHP flies at a whooping 630,000 requests per second, leaving the best PHP frameworks way behind.

To simplify an already charged chart, the languages that belong to the same family and perform very closely are not all rendered. For example, C++, D and Objective-C perform almost as well as C, and Scala performs like Java.

More info here

A lot of thanks. smile

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Re: [Request] G-WAN Web Application Server

I took a quick look at it, it's a simple statically linked binary with it's own dir structure. That means the pkgbuild should be really simple, have you tried making one? A package function that just moves the entire dir to $pkgdir/srv will probably do it. Add in a systemd service file and maybe a symlink in /usr/bin and your done.

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