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Moving window with touchscreen grabs wrong window...

Please let me know if someone has a better way to describe this issue; I fear a lot of my trouble finding a solution has had a lot to do with difficulty describing it.

I have a Samsung Series 5 ultrabook (NP540U3C), with a touchscreen.  Besides this issue, it works without any problems.  I'm using gnome3.

If I have two windows open, I can touch the titlebar and move the window in focus.  If I move it, and then tap to bring the second window into focus, and attempt to move the second window as well, my tap/drag moves the *first* window instead.  Clicking via mouse on the second window doesn't help: grabbing any titlebar with the touchscreen will move that first window I dragged with the touchscreen.  The only thing I can find that resets this behavior is switching to a virtual terminal and then back into X.  Then, it's the same story: I am stuck only able to touch-move the first window whose titlebar I touch.

I don't see any of this behavior when working *within* windows (I can tap windows to focus, click elements inside, etc.), so I suspect this has something to do with mutter.  Beyond that, though, I'm absolutely lost.

How can I proceed with finding what's going on here?   Does anyone with a touchscreen see this sort of behavior?  I have created a test user to double-check that it this problem shows up before my user's personal desktop configuration.  The problem has been here since my latest switch to Arch a couple months ago; a recent upgrade isn't to blame.

As always, thanks for any help.

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Re: Moving window with touchscreen grabs wrong window...

Hello bazmonkey,

I'm experiencing the same issue as you and trying to debug the problem. Did you make any progress on the issue?

Thanks for your answer,

Best Regards


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