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[Solved] CUPS print problems from new machine on network

I have 3 machines on a router network and a networked printer. All run Arch and all successfully print  to a Brother MFC-465CN printer. However, I am replacing one of the slow machines with a faster one. I have exactly the same CUPS configuration on the new machine but cannot print. There are no errors, but some warnings in the CUPS logs. The jobs just say processing, then done, but nothing happens.  I can ping the printer with its IP address so there does not appear to be any network issues.  The CUPS address I use is "socket://". This works on two other machines just fine. Output from  "lpinfo -v" is:

network socket
network ipp
network ipps
network https
network lpd
network http
network dnssd://Brother%20MFC-465CN._pdl-datastream._tcp.local/
network dnssd://Brother%20MFC-465CN._printer._tcp.local/
network lpd://PRINTER/BINARY_P1

My relevant CUPS log output after attempting to print a small text file is here:

Any assitance greatly appreciated.

EDIT: answered own question thanks to a wiki entry on a very different Brother printer. Apparently if you have Arch x86-64 then you MUST install the lib32-libcups package or you get the sort of problems I had above.

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