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about running an usb-scanner on arch

here what i've done to use my usb-scanner:

- install pkg "sane" and "xsane"

- add module "scanner" to /etc/rc.conf (to the modules-line)

- startx as user and then run xsane ... it should find your scanner and if supported, and run xsane correctly --- happy scanning

--- and here a question i wasn't able to solve ... needs an usb-expert:
my scanner is a hp5490 and if i connect it over a usb-hub to the laptop it will be recognized by sane-find-scanner but xsane will not run (no devices found) ... but if i connect the scanner directly to the laptop, everythng works fine --- i heard that if you have external hdd, you will need to connect it directly or over a usb-hub with powersupply, but never for a scanner, and the funniest thing: the scanner has a own powersupply, so the powersupply cannot be the problem --- any idea why xsane will not "see" the scanner if it is connected over a hub --- not that it is important, but i wonder what can be the trick for this

feel free to extend this post (=reply) if you have comments on scanning on archlinux

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