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LightDM doesn't parse .Xresources correctly

I found a bug in LightDM today that affects users with "advanced" .Xresources files. If you're using variables in your Xresources, say to define colors that can be easily edited and re-used later, LightDM will not expand those variables to their values. I found this issue as an all-pink screen after setting up the Solarized color scheme for use with urxvt.

The fix is relatively simple, and I've added to the LightDM wiki article an easy fix, no re-compiling required.

Apparently, upstream devs for GDM and LightDM have decided that this kind of Xresource usage is no longer common, and that users of GNOME and LightDM with this kind of Xresources file are probably in the single-digits (seems exaggerated, but maybe true.) Anyway, if you want to add your two bits check out the upstream LightDM bug entry.


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