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#1 2013-10-22 01:24:29

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NVIDIA Driver Issues with GTX 780(superclocked)

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone has any luck with the NVIDIA driver package from the official repo for the GTX 780. Mine came already superclocked.

When I install the drivers, reboot (so fully installed), and then reboot again, it hangs on the reboot/shutdown because it's trying to kill some systemudev process and there was some error about intel or something.

When I uninstall the NVIDIA package, everything works ok again.

Is it because my GPU is superclocked? Should I just settle with another video driver? I don't really want to go to nouveau...but I may have to.


#2 2013-10-22 03:51:53

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Re: NVIDIA Driver Issues with GTX 780(superclocked)

Hi Aquila,

I'm running a GTX 780 MSI Twin Frozr IV with the nvidia driver from the repos and I don't have the issue.  Can you provide any more specific information about the error?


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