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Answered: NFTables Coming To Arch?

Just learned from the Internet Storm Center that the the kernel back in the 3.10 stream had the netfilter project merged via the new nftables project. Checked the changelog and sure enough it's there.

I've just searched for anything to do with the change including the new nft userspace controller program and found nothing. If you can't tell I'm eager to play with the feature. wink

I was wondering if anyone else knew of this and if we'll be getting it soon. I could put together an AUR package but seeing that it's a kernel feature and the way the netfilter project is moving, I'd hate to duplicate work.

More Info:

EDIT: After talking to a friend he informs me that it isn't really ready. It's still in heavy development and will be going 'mainstream' in the 3.13 kernel according to Phoronix.
Article: … px=MTQ5MDU

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Re: Answered: NFTables Coming To Arch?

Moving to GNU/Linux discussion

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Re: Answered: NFTables Coming To Arch?

+1 on eagerness to follow the project.
The howto (yes, also linked from the project url) is a great write up: … ick-howto/


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