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Shairport Service Unit Configuration

Hello fellow Arch'ers

I maintain the shairport-git-sysdcompat aur package.

Currently there are 2 service unit files with this package. The first is simply: shairport.service; and it launches shairport with an airport name set to your machine's hostname. The second one is: shairport@.service; which allows you to specify the airport name by inserting a string between the '@' and '.', which is a standard systemd unit file feature.

My question though is: Does anyone feel that if would be better if there was a shairport config file? This would allow us to use configuration from that file and by doing so we would be able to use only one service file with the same flexibilty. Also this would open up for a more customizable shairport daemon, as shairport has several configureable options.

Please share your your opinions on this and any possible implimentation ideas as well.



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Re: Shairport Service Unit Configuration

Hello Cody,

I found this post searching the forums for my problems with shairport-git-sysdcompat on my Raspberry-Pi. Looking at my install I see you implemented a config file. Good choice, as I need the ability to parse other arguments than only the name. Thanks for the packaging effort.

Kind regards,


btw: Any ideas why with my install the service works fine I start shairport with the default settings, but not when I use the output option 'pipe'? No errors are reported. Starting shairport from the command line logs 'Listening for connections' when using alsa, and works fine. Starting it with --output=pipe --/path/to/pipe.raw shows nothing. Also logs nothing when I use the --log= parameter.

Found this issue, from which I conclude I am not the only one with this problem.

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