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MD5sums for pacman

Could this feature, or an alternative to verify the archive be implemented in Pacman? I had a couple of corrupted packages, which is very annoying. Sometimes I discovered it a few days after the upgrade. I tried everything to get the packages running, not aware of he fact they were just corrupted. Usually my connection and the mirror are very reliable. I used them for Debian Sid too, with no problems at all. In Arch I had 4 broken packages (xfree86, pango, freetype2, iptables) in 2 days. Maybe there are even more I'm not aware of. Please implement this asap.


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Re: MD5sums for pacman

this has been on the todo list for awhile.

i ran sid too and i may not have gotten corrupted packages but i got quite a few buggy buggy that i cannot believe they would have even made it to sid. as well there was alot of times that upgrading would not foobar my system but cause a portion of it to be .... gone. i lots of occasions where a few Kb app would displace a few megs worth of apps, etc. while changes could account for some of it i have yet to see installation of a new version of a small app not related to gnome remove all of gnome (don't laugh i had this happen...i even had occasions where non-gnome apps cause the removal of gnome because the debian meta data was so monolithic).

i am not excusing corrupted packages (pango is ALWAYS a problem for any distro) in arch but pleaser don't tell me debian sid was/is. the only reaso some people never have problems is because other do and it gets fixed promptly.

fwiw i have never had a corrupted package except ones that i built or rebuilt locally.

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