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copy RAM on hard disk

hi there,

i want to make a copies of ram on my hard disk ,it's like hibernating my computer but i don't want to shut it down ,  i just want to restore one ram's state when i want to .it's like what hackers do , but i don't want hack anything i just want huck my ram . i tried with severel commands , programs and languages but without any result.

i've used simple methodes like dd , hexdump and dump to copy /dev/mem , but i can't have a total copy , and i can't execute the file.bin . also i have tried to exract some methods from pm-outil , and withe hibernat framwork on java , but i didn't found what i realy want .
is it realy possible to do it?do you have any idea how can i do it or ,which is the best way /tool/languages that i must use ?




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Re: copy RAM on hard disk

There is no best way, or tool for that matter.
The reason that memory can be stored during hibernation is because no memory is going to change during the operation. If you're trying to save the contents of your RAM to disk, things will inevitably change during this and cause inconsistent data to be stored.

If you want to see what's in RAM, there are ways to do that, but storing it all to disk seems pointless at best.


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