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Best practice for managing unofficial user repo with git?

G'day Archers,

(I hope this is the right subforum for my question -- feel free to move.)

I am currently playing around with setting up an unofficial repo. So far so good, except I am trying to make sure I do things "properly".

I am currently deploying my website according to this tip I've seen recommended. I.e. on the server, set up a bare repo in say ~/src/www.git with a post-receive hook that states something like

GIT_WORK_TREE=$HOME/www_public git checkout -f

where ~/www_public is the apache directory root for the website.

Doing it this way, I can push and pull changes between my desktop, the server and my laptop and the .git files don't end up visible to the public.

Now I want to add my repo to this system, but repo-add creates ".tar.gz" files. According to github help, these are better off ignored by git.

One solution that occurs to me is to add a pre-commit that decompresses the db into plain text and a post-receive that recompresses to a form that pacman will understand. However, I wonder if there is a simpler solution that I'm missing? I notice that Debian seems to have a tool that will do what I want, for Debian users. Does something equivalent exist for Archlinux, or do any Archers who run unofficial repos have any tips for me based on their experience/mistakes/successes of the past?

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