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Openbox 3

Well openbox 3 just came out and is already available in pacman. I installed it and then ran it and the menu works and everything but where is the panel? It was in openbox 2, is there a way to get it again?

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Re: Openbox 3

I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about when you say the "panel" but do you mean the bar at the bottom of the screen that would show which desktop you are in, the time, which window is active, etc? If so, that's no longer a part of Openbox...the developers took it out. You can still run another panel like gnome-panel along with Openbox if you want, but I am running without it and don't really notice/care about it.

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Re: Openbox 3

EDIT - just for more info, you can also use fbpanel and gnome-panel with openbox3

Take a look at pypanel, I put it in incoming some time ago.  It supports transparencies and looks quite nice.

Just edit your .xinitrc file in your home dir and make it look something like the following, after installing pypanel (assuming you use startx to start your windowmanager)

# ~/.xinitrc
# Executed by startx (run your window manager from here)
openbox & openpid=$!
pypanel &
wait $openpid

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