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Aria2JsonRpc: Python 3 module and scripts for Aria2's RPC interface


Aria2JsonRpc is a Python 3 module that provides a wrapper class around Aria2's RPC interface. It can be used to build applications that use Aria2 for downloading data.

Included Tools
  • a2jrg A command-line tool for URI queuing and basic server querying and management. The name is short for Aria2JsonRpcGet.

  • a2jrg-scrape A command-line tool for scraping URIs from a webpage, with regular expression filtering. It is somewhat similar to Firefox's DownThemAll extension.

Other Tools

Check the project page for other tools. So far I have only added a server launcher script but others may follow.

I released this a few months ago but never bothered to announce it here for some reason. I only noticed today as I was going to bump the thread with an announcement of the newly added a2jrg-scrape tool.

Incidentally, that tool will likely be exampled in the future to support more complex regex filtering along with some sort of local collection of filters (e.g. to support filtering by "images", "'videos", "music", etc.). Feel free to suggest features that you would find useful.

Questions and general feedback are welcome as always.

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