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Need help to build packages required to work on "Ada".

Hi everyone. I just recently successfully set up my new Arch system after a lot of trouble. And I am very eager to use it for my university studies.

Presently, I need to learn Ada programming language. I was SURPRISED that I couldn't get the packages related to Ada in the repository though...
I am looking for:
"GNAT Programming Studio (GPS)" - an IDE for Ada

(I found the package named "gnat-gps". But it wsa flagged as outdated in the AUR.)

The official website for Ada has a download section to get the required files to install it on a Linux system:

The download contains a script file(a) for the installation. I was expecting the traditional "makeconfig"..."makeinstall" files in it.
Hence I am confused on how to build the package out of this.

I would request you to please help me out.


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