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#1 2005-12-25 02:43:19

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Enemy Territory + Xorg from testing + black screen

I updated xorg to testing and since then i can play enemy territory  :cry: I'm running with a i830 intel graphics card.Does anyone else have this problem?


#2 2005-12-31 04:21:06

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Re: Enemy Territory + Xorg from testing + black screen

It's modular xorg 7.0, it's very different, so various things have changed. If you've got an ATI card, you may have support built into xorg 7, but it's more likely (if it's a moderately recent GPU) that you haven't... in that case, you'll have to wait for ATI to release a working installer for xorg 7.0 (I'm in the same situation).

If you haven't done so already, generate a new xorg.conf by using xorgconfig; you'll need to add the sections from your old xorg.conf that relate to the graphics card (like Load "GLX" etc.). When you've done this, restart the xserver and run glxinfo | grep direct . if it says 'Direct Rendering: Yes' then you're back in business, otherwise you're in the situation I described above.

If you've got an nVidia card, everything should be ok; look at the threads in the Desktop Environments section that relate to Xorg 7.0 .

Apologies if any of this is garbled; I'm very, very tired.


.oO Komodo Dave Oo.


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