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kdenlive not rendering with title clip

After doing a system upgrade kdelive will no longer render my project, which rendered fine before the upgrade. After I click render, it either gets stuck in "waiting" or it gives an error saying that rendering crashed. If I turn off the title clip, rendering proceeds as normal. Looking around I saw some people with similar problems fixing it by running kdenlive as root, but in my case that didn't solve anything. Anyone have any ideas?

The kdenlive profile I'm using is HD 1080p 59.94fps and I'm trying to render an H.264 video (although trying other formats encounters the same problem).

Some relevant package info:

[root@labby ~]# pacman -Qs kdenlive
local/kdenlive 0.9.6-2
    A non-linear video editor for Linux
[root@labby ~]# 
[root@labby ~]# pacman -Qs ffmpeg
local/ffmpeg 1:2.1.1-1
    Complete and free Internet live audio and video broadcasting solution
local/gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg 0.10.13-1 (gstreamer0.10-plugins)
    Gstreamer FFMpeg Plugin
[root@labby ~]# 
[root@labby ~]# pacman -Qs mlt
local/mlt 0.9.0-5
    An open source multimedia framework


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