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Record old VHS to HDD with Hauppauge HD PVR [Solved]

Video is fine but there is no sound. The best I can get is a scratching noise from the recording. There is nothing wrong with the equipment. I have both sound and video in windows. I tried 'cat /dev/video1 > video.mp4' and 'mplayer /dev/video1' and cat with a pipe to ffmpeg and my latest command is 'ffmpeg -i /dev/video1 -vcodec copy -acodec copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc Krou.mp4'. I have the latest firmware in my hdpvr and a two days old install of Arch.
Edit! I found out that my hdpvr still outputted audio thru the RCA-port on the back, so just switching the  audiocables to the back solved it.

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Re: Record old VHS to HDD with Hauppauge HD PVR [Solved]

Try checking your capture volume.

I may have to CONSOLE you about your usage of ridiculously easy graphical interfaces...
Look ma, no mouse.


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