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Nemo without Cinnamon?

Hi, first of all, if this is in the wrong place, please move it accordingly!

So here is my story: I have 2 archlinux machines, one netbook running the full cinnamon desktop and my desktop PC running on my own mix based on GNOME...
I really like Nemo from Cinnamon on my netbook and tried to install it on my desktop, except when I run it, the background set by GNOME gets removed and replaced by a black screen, if you switch to a different desktop the background is there and the only way I found to remove this black screen is to reboot...

I found this, for Ubuntu which manages to install nemo without cinnamon dependencies, but can't find it for Arch...
Any help?



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Re: Nemo without Cinnamon?

I have very little knowledge of Nemo and Cinnamon Desktop, and to be honest last time I've checked Cinnamon Desktop was before Cinnamon 2.0 Release. - But according to that Webupd8 Guide, that Nemo package in their repositories is a patched one along with it's Nemo-Extentions package; I assume you can use those packages to make your own Nemo packages without Cinnamon Dependencies for Arch.

But, so far, I wasn't able to find any Nemo package in neither Arch Repositories or AUR that doesn't require the dependency of cinnamon-desktop or cinnamon-translations etc. - Only way to solve this issue might be by making your own Nemo packages out of Webupd8 PPA, I fear.


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Re: Nemo without Cinnamon?

Can't you just use dconf editor to make Nemo not handle the desktop?


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Re: Nemo without Cinnamon?

anonymous_user wrote:

Can't you just use dconf editor to make Nemo not handle the desktop?


When I run my awesome-cinnamon session, I use the following command to call nemo:

nemo --no-desktop

Claire is fine.
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Re: Nemo without Cinnamon?

Try running

gsettings set org.nemo.desktop show-desktop-icons false

to hide desktop icons.

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