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systemd-sleep often becomes defunct

Recently I have found on this machine that suspending (I use `systemctl suspend`) often makes me unable to do *anything* with systemctl.  Looking at ps, there's always at least one defunct systemd-sleep or systemd-tty-ask process (parent systemd pid 1).
- Attempting to suspend, shut down, reboot, or hibernate gives me the message: "Failed to issue method call: Operation already in progress" and systemctl waits until I ctrl+c.
- `systemctl status` causes systemctl to output nothing, and wait until I ctrl+c.
- `sudo systemctl enable lightdm` (or similar) tells me: "Failed to get D-Bus connection: Failed to connect to socket /run/systemd/private: Connection refused"
I have to sysrq REISUB or hold in the power button... Is this something that might have to do with my settings or something else I can fix, or is it a nefarious bug?


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