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In what VPN article in wiki to reference about PPTP


It might be a little much detail but I felt that I at least try to contribute, somehow...

I was working on to establish a VPN network connection yesterday, after a research on Google and wiki, I managed to do so. To begin the process, one is generally directed to OpenVPN, by providers or for it is the most qualified software around. However, most VPN services that offer free service does it with PPTP, considering even Microsoft abandoned it, OpenVPN does not support it straight forward and almost all guides of providers are about it. At the end, I managed to figure out to get myself to the wiki of PPTP Daemon and it got me a pretty time; more than reading this smile

I'm wondering to where we can put a little reference to PPTPD in OpenVPN or else's article, or if I should let it go.

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Re: In what VPN article in wiki to reference about PPTP

I'd say pick one from Category:Virtual Private Network.


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