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[SOLVED] Huge drop of responsiveness and CPU workload increase


After yesterday's full system upgrade (packaman -Syu) that went flawlessly I encounter huge drop of responsiveness and increase of CPU load. For example, opening files with vim in console takes 2-3 seconds, rewinding video in mplayer with arrow anp "PgUp" keys takes the same 2-3 seconds, closing tab with YouTube's video in Firefox produces flash of green rectangular box - nothing of the kind has happened previously. But the most annoying is the way the VirtualBox works. Starting Virtual Machine causes 2x increase of CPU load compared to previous situation. The same increase occurs inside VM when starting/closing applications or moving cursor in text file with mouse or arrow keys. That CPU load peaks last 5-10 seconds and freeze the OS (Win XP SP3) inside VM.

found similar thread

downgraded kernel, nvidia, virtualbox. seems working now.

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Re: [SOLVED] Huge drop of responsiveness and CPU workload increase

Filed this but no response for now:
Currently switched to linux-ck kernel with bfq scheduler which fixed this issue somehow.


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Re: [SOLVED] Huge drop of responsiveness and CPU workload increase

@kolombo - Point of clairification: linux-ck has both the BFS and BFQ.  BFS is a CPU scheduler and is hardcoded into the kernel; BFQ is an I/O scheduler and is provided as a modules if using repo-ck or optionally hardcoded into the kernel if you set it as such when you compile it.  It's the BFS that provides the increased responsiveness.

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