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Script won't work correctly unless launched from a log in shell.

The simple script below will not pass the value to the file used for the variable unless I launch it directly from the shell. The file used to host to data is open wide at 0777 permission.  I attempted to launch as part of my start up script ( ~.config/openbox/autostart ) as well as assigning to a key bind to launch and no dice. The script runs but does not write the data to the file so the screen pop only includes the text I have entered.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

#! /bin/bash
# Geeknote -- screen pop of selected notes : site --

STRING="*" # String Search in Note
TAG="To-do" # Note Tag Example : Development , To-do
NB="Master" # Notebook
INTERVAL=15 # Pop cylce in minutes

# setting time to zero keeps image up until clicked. 

while [ 1 ] 
geeknote find --search "$STRING" -tg "$TAG" -nb "$NB" | egrep [[:blank:]][0-9][0-9] > /media/N-Space/home/joe/.geeknote/list

VAR=$(cat /media/N-Space/home/joe/.geeknote/list) 

xcowsay --monitor=1 --cow-size=small --at=550,5 -l --font="Sans Droid 10.5" --time=0  --image=/media/N-Space/home/joe/.geeknote/logo2.png "
Active notes as of $(date +%F-%r)  :

sleep "$INTERVAL"m


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