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#1 2014-01-01 09:16:07

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using javascript on multiple file html

I am having a folder with 1000 html files.

I have to remove certain nodes which is easy using xpath for each html. SO i have made the javascript. I cant open each html file in firefox and run the javascript through firebug console.

I m using linux, so how to do.


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Re: using javascript on multiple file html

Have you tried using other tools e.g. xmlstarlet or xmllint? The latter has e.g.

       --xpath "XPath_expression"
           Run an XPath expression given as argument and print the result. In case of a nodeset result, each node in the node set is serialized in full in
           the output. In case of an empty node set the "XPath set is empty" result will be shown and an error exit code will be returned.


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