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[SOLVED] Hide an user from other users in GDM3

I would like to create a new user that should be not visible for other users - for example like root.
When user is logging with GDM, he sees other regular users, but no root, etc. How can I achieve it ?
Also I would like to prevent /home/hidden_user directory - others can obtain its existance by it.

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Re: [SOLVED] Hide an user from other users in GDM3

I think gdm ignores uids <1000. You can put a user's homedir anywhere you want.

Edit: less than, not more than. Oops.

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Re: [SOLVED] Hide an user from other users in GDM3

You can also hide users from GDM by editing /etc/gdm/custom.conf and adding the required user to the Exclude directive.

Bear in mind that hiding a user on the login screen and having their home folder in a non-standard location won't fully hide them. Any user can always find all users of a system by doing a simple...

cat /etc/passwd

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Re: [SOLVED] Hide an user from other users in GDM3

@slithery I know that /etc/passwd will contain this information, but I can swallow it.
@WorMzy - Thank you ! Indeed changing uid to 999 hid user from the gdm3 list.


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