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Console keymap mystery

A non-standard console keymap is being loaded and I don't know why. To be clear, this isn't a problem because I want it to be loaded. I just don't understand why it's being loaded.

I originally configured it through /etc/vconsole.conf, but that file no longer exists. I use the keymap hook, but the font (and related parephenalia) aren't in my current or previous initrd, though they are in an experimental initrd I have lying around from the 9th. Presumably, that means vconsole.conf hasn't existed for a while. I don't specify the keymap on the kernel line. I've grepped every text file in /etc and the scripts run by my custom services for mention of the keymap name, no dice. It's nothing to do with user configuration either, because the keymap is active before login. localectl status even reports VC Keymap: n/a .

And yet, the keymap is active. What's going on?

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