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#1 2006-01-04 16:00:16

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tiny fonts with new nvidia driver [solved]

I just updated my nvidia driver (from extra), and now my fonts are very small in all GTK Apps, and also in conky.
here 2 screenshots:
before: … _scrot.jpg
after: … _scrot.png

How to fix this? If you need more information, just ask smile

it seems like my xserver was running with the wron dpi setting all the time, it was 112 and now 75, what should be correct now.
Sry for this thread :x

the 112 where correct, with specified size of my monitor in xorg.conf everything works like it should smile
thanks to brain0 from #archlinux


#2 2006-01-04 17:42:53

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Re: tiny fonts with new nvidia driver [solved]

I've had the same problem too with the latest drivers from nvidia. All you need to do to remedy the situation is add the following under the "screen" section of xorg.conf (i'm assuming you're using xorg)

Option "DPI" "90x90"
Option "UseEdidDpi" "False"

You should change the DPI option from 90x90 to whatever you need for your monitor. I used the calculator on this site to calculate my DPI.

This forum thread should help too


#3 2006-01-06 18:56:50

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Re: tiny fonts with new nvidia driver [solved]

I believe it should go under your device section of your graphics device since I believe this command only works with the nvidia driver. I know it didn't work with the nv driver. I'm having a similar problem as I specified the displaysize with worked on my crt, but I lcd (which I set the displaysize for) it doesn't work anymore... go figure.


#4 2006-01-16 13:58:20

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Re: tiny fonts with new nvidia driver [solved]

I just wanted to report that I had this same problem (NVidia card, fonts went super small on last update) and the solution specified above works just fine... my fonts are back to normal size.


#5 2006-07-18 15:10:02

From: Åsele, Lappland, Sweden
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Re: tiny fonts with new nvidia driver [solved]

I have an intel built-in card on my laptop but I got a similar problem.

xorg have worked nicely until recently. Now I get a resolution of 75x75dpi (default?) and the result is a screen that will flicker in text-mode if I choose 1024x768 (default). When I change to 800x600 (with ctrl-alt-numlock[plus]) the textmode starts to work again.

I have tried a lot of different xorg.conf and I have changed them without any major result.

When I try Option "DPI" and option "UseEdidDpi" nothing happens and the logfile says: 'Option "DPI" not used' and the same for UseEdidDpi.

In windows the screen is set to 96dpi and 1024x768. When I calculate the dpi from the link
it says it should be 85.6dpi

I don't know how to get it working...


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