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Nftables (-in place of Iptables)

Nftables, is a kernel implementation like iptables designed to improve its predecessors short-comings to provide a more flexible usage.

There have been questions in here and here.

The kernel update of 3.13 is up and there is this article.

nftables provides backwards compatibility with iptables, but it won't be fully featured until a future release.

I wonder if someone would put a light how would that affect Arch architecture after update?

P.S: Not sure if arch discussion or GNU?

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Re: Nftables (-in place of Iptables)

Unless you actually want to use/test nftables, I don't think that this will change anything for the time being.  You can continue to use iptables as you did before.

Edit: By the way...

% pacman -Ss nftables
community-testing/nftables 0.099-1
    Netfilter nftables userspace tools

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