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#1 2003-11-14 04:50:29

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Sager 4780-S notebook... opinions?

Hello everyone,

Well, I'm going to be purchasing my first laptop in the immediate future, and thanks to a tip from bolivar, I have tentatively decided on the Sager 4780-S.  Here are some links for further info:

As I have zero experience with Linux on laptops (I will be running Linux of course), I was wondering what my fellow Archers might have to say about this particular laptop.

In particular, is there anything glaring that I should be concerned with?  What about the Radeon 9600 Pro?  I have experience only with NVidia drivers which have worked very well for me.  Am I in for a dissapointment going with a Radeon in a Linux context?

Well, thanks for reading this and I look forward to reading any comments you might have.  Also, feel free to offer alternatives, and I am not married to ording this laptop, it is simply the one that I will go with if I don't find a better alternative.

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Re: Sager 4780-S notebook... opinions?

Do you know

Othrwise don't count on the modem - it's likely to be a winmodem.

The rest has good chances to work. The camera may be a gamble. The Radeon will work in *some* mode :-) but I have no expereinces with Radeons.


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