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wmgo - A dmenu-based launcher for EWMH compatible window managers


wmgo is a dmenu-based launcher for EWMH compatible window managers like Awesome WM, XMonad, Openbox, or i3. It is written in bash and has only minimal dependencies (dmenu, lsx, wmctrl). wmgo is based on dmenu-launch but adds support for switching to currently opened windows.

wmgo's main features:

  • Switching to currently opened windows via matching the window's title

  • Executing desktop files or binaries in $PATH via matching the filename

  • Optionally, executing commands in new terminal windows to capture the output

XDG desktop files and binaries are cached for fast startup times of the launcher.
Please note that the first start of wmgo will be slow since it has to cache all binaries first.

By opening wmgo and starting to type, wmgo finds all opened windows and applications which include the entered substring in their window title or filename.
Pressing enter will either switch to the opened window or start the application.

Obligatory screenshot after launching wmgo and typing mn:

Furthermore, ending commands with ; will launch a new terminal winow (xterm by default) and execute the command inside this terminal window.

Get it
You can get the script from Github, where additional documentation and a PKGBUILD are also available.

Thanks for reading. wmgo is still alpha and I would appreciate any comments and contributions.


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