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Autosuspend/Disable Touchscreen to Save Battery Life

I have a laptop with a touchscreen. Since I do not use the touchscreen very often I want to find a way to disable it or at least enable autosuspend for it to save my battery some.

I am using TLP for power management and it has an option to enable usb autosuspend but it does not enable it for any HIDs (which includes my touchscreen). Does anyone know of a way to whilelist a device for autosuspending in the TLP config file?

If there is no way to force TLP to do this is there a way I can force the device to autosuspend or just disable it entirely?

Thanks in advance for all you help!

Additional Note:
I once found a command to unbind and rebind the device with a command that looks vaguely like this:

cat /sys/{some path to device} > unbind

It worked and significantly improved my battery life but I can't remember the command and have not been able to find it since.

PS - In case it wasn't clear from above: The touchscreen digitizer is a usb device


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