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Pass kernel arguments during install to force sata detection

Is it possible to pass kernel arguments during install of the 0.7.1 noodle base iso? I want the installer to detect my harddisc (with is a pata drive but I have a sata controller in my laptop) as sata. (Needed because of this problem

I managed to pass the kernel argument (just typed arch hdc=noprobe) but I have to do hdd=noprobe as well because otherwise my harddisc is not recognized at all. But as a result, I'm unable to get my dvd-drive working and for that I'm unable to use the reiserfs to format my root disc. Also my ethernet module can't be loaded so I'm still unable to install

Problem solved, I managed to chroot into my install with the install cd (after doing the install but not having installed bootloader) and with passing kernel arguments hdc=noprobe hdd=noprobe I was able to install lilo on sda. I edited fstab and the kernel 2.6.15 handles the disc and the dvd-station very well. So I'm happy smile


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