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How to halt execution on error in a GTK+ program

Hi all,

I am writing a GTK+-2 app which must detect a large number of error conditions and give the user a choice of quiting or halting execution so that he can fix the error. More specifically, this app has a simple editor for its input file which, at the moment, does not verify validity of user input, since this can be very complex. The input processing functions of the app though can detect many error conditions, which can occur deep down the chain of execution, and uses a function which opens a dialog describing the error and giving the option to quit or continue.

Unfortunately the option to continue only applies to very few cases. In most others it is necessary to halt execution and put the program in a state of waiting for the user to edit, save and re-open the input file. One way I suppose I could do this is to ripple back the error condition up the chain of functions processing the input file but this is likely to be a huge bug-prone task.

This is new to me, is there a way to stop execution centrally, in the error dialog function?

My thanks in advance and apologies if this is too silly.


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