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[SOLVED] Thinkpad R52 wifi driver

Hi guys and pokemon,

I just got a lovely Thinkpad R52 and would like to install arch' on it. On install the wifi worked fine and I can connect to my network. After the installation, the wifi is gone. Now I tried to installl the driver manually via pacman -U [path/to/file/on/usb/stick] and reloaded the module with modprobe ipw2200. But in the output of ip addr I still dont' have something that starts with w. I've also tried to set the module options, but still no wifi. sad

How can I get wifi work on my Thinkpad R52?

SOLVED: Thanks to MrElendig on #archlinux, it's now solved. Just make sure you install rfkill (if you've 32bit architecture use i686). Then do rfkill unblock all.

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pika pi! :3


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