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Gnome 3.12 - nautilus, gedit etc. don't show new input instantly

When renaming a file or directory in nautilus what I see in the input field is always one repaint behind what I actually did.

For example:

1.) Create a new folder in nautilus
2.) Rename it and set the cursor to the end of the name so that it deletes one character at a time.
3.) Press backspace over and over again.

It will seem as if it doesn't delete the first character of the foldername. Now type a new name and you'll see that it looks like it doesn't set the last character you typed. Click inside of nautilus and you'll see that it just needed a new repaint.
Same thing seems to happen in gedit:

Probably related:

One user mentions this being related to the latest nvidia driver (using 337.12 atm), but I remember having this issue also with the older versions. I suspect that this is a problem with clutter, since these problems started to happen around the same time I reported a screen flickering bug to NVIDIA which turned out was a bug in clutter. … the-mouse/

A clutter maintainer responded to my thread:

That does not seem to be the case (yes that problem exists but this is a different story). This particular bug is simply a bug on how we handled the buffer_age extension in clutter. I have fixed in upstream clutter. The patch is also in the 1.16 branch (not just 1.18) so should end up in distros soon.

This doesn't happen in non-gnome applications like sublime text.

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Re: Gnome 3.12 - nautilus, gedit etc. don't show new input instantly

hello, blackout23

According to the bug report and the clutter developer, this issue has been fixed, but I'm still getting that horrible 'text to screen' delay with gedit and with other gnome apps.  Mouse clicks in those apps are delayed as well.    Is there something else I need to do, or could it be that I missed or misunderstood something while researching this issue?

Currently running Gnome 3.12 (not from testing repo) and all installed packages including nvidia are the current releases from the Arch official repos.

Thanks for any tips.

Edit:  never mind, just found the following thread that seems to indicate it is still an ongoing issue:

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