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[Solved] Folding@Home Kills Network On Boot

Hello all,
I just did a fresh [testing] installation and using NetworkManager under Gnome 3.12.
Upon using the system this last few days I had some weird network issues where my wireless connection would connect fine during boot, but I could not do anything, not even pinging my local router.
Spending a few fruitless hours, I finally managed to connect the issue to Folding@Home, such that if folding is enabled on boot the network is behaving as described above.
If I disable folding (e.g. by pausing it and rebooting the system), network behaves just fine on next boot.
I really can't figure any logical connection between the two, but after several enabling and disabling I'm pretty sure Folding@Home is to blame.
I'm not sure what kind of log will be beneficial to the situation, but will be glad to test whatever is needed.
Thanks, Adam.

* EDIT *
Following advice from the F@H forum, it seems like some sort of weird race condition.
As a workaround, I created a systemd timer to delay the start of the foldingathome service after boot and everything seems to work fine.

Description=Delay foldingathome service



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