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#1 2014-05-03 14:08:00

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Multi-Monitor Catalyst Woes

Hi Everyone,

So I have catalyst installed in a multi-monitor setup with one 2560x1440 monitor and one 1920x1080 sitting side by side.  Everything goes smoothly with traditional work loads except the fact that games play as indicated in this picture:

I don't really understand / have failed to use a seperate x-server to run trine in a single window.  Any suggestions on how to force it to span/recognize a single monitor?  Thank you.


#2 2014-05-08 11:58:18

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Re: Multi-Monitor Catalyst Woes

This might be no real help but you can always use xrandr to switch monitors during runtimes. I was using a "dual head" and "single head" script for quite some time and switched my secondary monitor off for gaming.


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