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#1 2014-05-03 18:50:28

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AceStream Problem

Hi forum,

I have a problem regarding the right-click menu of AceStream's tray icon. Under this link you can see the right-click menu on a windows machine. Via "Options..." you can change the internet settings under advanced. I installed the AceStream packages from AUR using yaourt and the player ist working fine. But under KDE when I right-click the icon a weird menu appears that seems to be broken:
If I click on that entry, it just closes and nothing happens. Problem is I can not enter my internet/port settings and thus I am not able to find sufficient amount of peers for streaming.

Do you guys have a clue on this one? Unfortunately the options are saved into a database (options.sdb) and I don't know how to change them. Thanks in advance.


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Re: AceStream Problem

seems this question would be better placed in acestreams support (if there is any) :P

But anyway, i installed it and i have a proper menu

so its probably a kde issue? no clue.

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