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#1 2006-01-21 15:24:46

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New forum mod idea!

A "solved button" (or link) that could only be pushed by the thread starter might make a nice little mod for this site, and for others. Maybe it already exists somewhere but I've never seen it.  Note that I have no idea how to create such a mod... gotta to leave that to the brains here.  wink

Anyway, by doing that the person wouldn't have to push the edit button, and then go in and make the changes manually, and then have to save them. Instead, they'd simply click the "solved" button. The forum software would mark the thread solved and the [SOLVED] portion of all titles would then be formatted the same. Perhaps the original poster could push the button again to remove the "solved" if it should turn out that the problem wasn't solved afterall.

Just an idea to make it easier to get solved problems marked as "solved".  smile



#2 2006-01-22 06:08:34

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Re: New forum mod idea!

That would be sweet. Because theres heeps of posts that have been solved with out the [solved] caption in the title.

That would also help with people repeating the same question.
err, well maybe some people dont even bother search.  :?


#3 2006-01-22 13:34:39

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Re: New forum mod idea!

Very nice idea!
Maybe this mod should also notify forum admins when thread is solved so they can close it or to make it sticky or add something to FAQ?

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#4 2006-01-23 15:30:18

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Re: New forum mod idea!

Putting [solved] in your thread title is VERY far from being a hard and fast rule.  Do it or don't do, I expect few people care.  Further the administrative status of a thread will never change based on it's "resolution".

There does seem to be an increase in the amount of people using [solved] and people suggesting that people use it; I assume this is a result of influx of users who come from another posting environment.

It's not something that we suggest or require, therefore we are very unlikely to support it.  Does that seems fair enough?


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