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#1 2006-01-26 13:21:53

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Translucency Queries

Hey guys,

I've been following the Composite Extension wiki as written, and am using this in fluxbox current.  However, I have a couple questions regarding the functionality of this (I understand it's still initial stages).

1) Transset only works when xcompmgr is running, right?

2) Does the fluxbox translucency settings override what you do with transset?  I have tried transset .5 for example, which worked on a window, however re-focusing made the window take the fluxbox defaults.

3) Is there a way to make transset permanently override fluxbox settings? 

4)  Transset only works for the window in its entirety right?  I.e., I cannot apply transset 1 for a focused window and transset .5 for unfocused can I ?



#2 2006-01-27 00:30:19

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Re: Translucency Queries

1. Yes
2. I've never experimented but I'd say yeah fluxbox settings should override transset.
3. Not that I'm  aware of
4. Yeah you can do this, fluxbox has consif settings for it and I think XFCE might as well.


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