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#1 2006-01-26 22:36:21

Gullible Jones
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Problem with Wine and Blades of Avernum demo

Okay, this game is supposed to work fine in Wine, but I've run into some annoying problems with it...

a) I can't run "Blades of Avernum.exe" from Nautilus, despite having set EXEs to be opened with Wine. The BoA window appears for half a second, then disappears. In order to run it, I have to open up a terminal, cd into the BoA directory, and do 'wine "Blades of Avernum.exe"'. This is a minor problem, but it's weird enough that I'd like to know the reason for it.

b) Sound quality is bloody terrible, whether I use Wine's OSS or ALSA drivers, and no matter what level of hardware acceleration I specify. It buzzes, spits, stutters, and generally sounds abominable... But bizarrely enough, the intro music sounds perfectly fine. Anyone know what's with this?


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