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cdrtools package, support for nls/utf8 character sets

Hello ppl,

I've been trying desperetly to burn a cd/dvd(k3b) with greek filenames and directory names. I ended up with file names like "???????????????????? (invalid unicode)"
After a lot of searching, i managed to isolate and solve the problem. There has been a patch( for cdrtools to support nls/utf8 character sets.
I guess that 90%+ of people using arch and burning cd's/dvd's, ignore the problem cause they just burn cd's/dvd's using standard english characters.

For all others here it is  big_smile   :

# Patched cdrtools to support nls/utf8 character sets 
# Contributor: Akis Maziotis <>
pkgdesc="Tools for recording CDs patched for nls/utf8 support!"

md5sums=('fc085b5d287355f59ef85b7a3ccbb298' '1a596f5cae257e97c559716336b30e5b')

build() {

cd $startdir/src/cdrtools-2.01.01
msg "Patching cdrtools ..."  
patch -p1 -i ../attachment.cgi?id=52097
msg "Patching done "
make || return 1
make INS_BASE=$startdir/pkg/usr install

It's a modified pkgbuild of the official arch cdrtools package ( … cvs-markup) patched to support nls/utf8 character sets.
Worked like a charm.  big_smile

If u want to install it, u should uninstall the cdrtools package
pacman -Rd cdrtools

P.S.: I've issued this as a bug in but nobody seemed to care...    :cry:  :cry:  :cry:


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