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Catalyst/Chromium causes screen to flash wildly then crashes computer.

I'm using catalyst-test-pxp 14.3-1 and chromium 35.0.1916.153-1. I am using 2 monitors. The main one being my laptop's screen (LVDS) to the right and my secondary screen (CRT1) to my left. Previously I had used a single screen configuration, however after reconfiguring xorg.conf with aticonfig, spawning chromium will cause the screen to flash wildly and crash the computer, forcing me to hit the power button and wait for the system to power off. Here are some pictures that show what's happening:,0pna75I. Sorry for the poor formatting but I'm using elinks until xorg is fixed.

I understand that using a pastebin is discouraged over using the "code" tags, but I can't paste anything in the environment I'm in right now.


For clarification. I have 2 dedicated radeon cards. This is not a mistake.

I'd really appreciate any help given.

Nia (Dragos240)


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